Homer Veterinary Clinic / COVID-19 information

Homer Veterinary Clinic

326 Woodside Avenue
Homer, AK 99603




Your pets need us and we are listening.  As we adjust to accommodate the government issued mandates and our community needs, your patience is greatly appreciated.  The clinic has opened to see more non-essential appointments but are still postponing any non-urgent surgeries such as spays and neuters until the end of June.  Preventive care and routine appointments are limited as we return to full hours and therefore are being scheduled out about 2 - 4 weeks.

As of May 1st, 2020 clinic hours are Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm 

The health of our community and our pets are very important to us.  We will continue to keep you updated as the situation progresses.

Currently, there is still no evidence to suggest that pets can transmit this virus to humans.  As we open back up, please keep in mind that veterinary services are still considered essential, and therefore we must still maintain certain distancing to ensure the health of our doctors and staff.  The clinic requests that clients and patients remain in their vehicle upon arrival.  Please text the clinic at (907) 299-1705 for check in.  We will send out a staff member to bring your pet in for their examination and treatment.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please call 907-235-8960 

There is currently no evidence that you can get COVID-19 from your pets.

When you arrive at our clinic, the following process will occur:

1) Please stay in your vehicle and text the clinic at (907)299-1705.

2) Our front desk staff will get your pet checked in for their appointment and will notify our technician and doctor of your arrival

3) Our technician staff will come to your vehicle and get a detailed history from you about your pet

4) Our technician staff will then bring your pet into our building where their doctor will perform an exam.

5) The doctor will call you with physical exam finding, explain a treatment plan, and with your permission, administer the treatment plan. You will then be transferred to our reception staff

6) Our reception staff will take payment from you over the phone

7) Our technician staff will bring your pet back to you at your vehicle and will go over any dismissal instructions and medications that have been prescribed. They will also answer any questions that you may have about your pet's visit.

If you are picking up medications or food, please remain in your vehicle and call our front desk staff. They will locate your food/medication, collect payment, and then bring your food/medications to your vehicle.

Our technician appointments are limited at this time (for example: toe nail trims and anal sac expressions), unless the appointment is medically necessary for the health and well-being of your pet (for example for blood work or medical injections)

Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated during this time. We realize that this process may result in longer appointment times when taking these measures to protect our clients and employees. Please plan accordingly and allow for some extra time before and after your scheduled appointment times to help us ensure that things run smoothly.