Homer Veterinary Clinic Files - 'Forms 'http://homermo.evetsites.netHomer Veterinary Clinic, P.C. - Homer, AK-Anesthesia/Surgery Consent http://www.homervet.com/files-pdf-or-other.pmlCompleted form including signature, active phone number should be provided to the clinic prior to your pet's surgery/anesthesia.file/61286/Anesthesia/Surgery Consent Caregiver Consent http://www.homervet.com/files-pdf-or-other.pmlIf you are leaving your pet with a caregiver while travelling, we will require this completed authorization form to provide veterinary medical care in your absence.file/61287/Caregiver Consent Established Client Registration Update 2019http://www.homervet.com/files-pdf-or-other.pmlWe need your most current information so we can always communicate with you effectively and update all of your pet family records annually.file/63205/Established Client Registration Update 2019Job Application http://www.homervet.com/files-pdf-or-other.pmlYour completed application should be sent to by email or delivered to the clinic in person. file/61289/Job Application New Client Registration 2019http://www.homervet.com/files-pdf-or-other.pmlComplete all sections of this form and email to us before your appointment.file/61288/New Client Registration 2019Patient Day Admittance http://www.homervet.com/files-pdf-or-other.pmlIf your pet is to be admitted as a day patient, please complete in detail so your pet can receive veterinary care without you present. Please email, or bring a copy along at time of admittance. file/61290/Patient Day Admittance Preventive Care Examination Questionnairehttp://www.homervet.com/files-pdf-or-other.pmlWe appreciate you taking the time to complete this form ahead of your visit for your pet's preventive care examination so that we can better understand your pet's lifestyle and your concerns. You can print and complete and return by email or bring to your appointment. Thank you.file/63949/Preventive Care Examination Questionnaire